Monday, 3 April 2017


My blue writing 

I am the Blueberry what you pick of bushes what you throw in your Mouth. I am the  cot and candy what you get at a Christmas and the park. I am the ice cream what Mouts in your mouth 

I small a plat of cupcakes with icing splashed all over them. I small  buckets fall of blue pantie in the shops. I Small the stink bome  coming from the toilet yak.

I see you waiting in line to get tekiket to see. You see people eating their bag of lolly yummy.

Feel the swishing breeze swaying in my face at the beach. I feel your stress balloons.i am the waves at the beach that splashing you to the sand ( in Atherton ways I can bring you out to  sea) awch.

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