Monday, 26 June 2017

Clothing writing


 I am jeans, but not just normal jeans, well to me I am amazing jeans, but to people I am just jeans.  I only have one friend in the closet and that is me. Soon I was taken out of the messy closet where the old clothes were at the shop and got put into a bag and got taken out of the shop. I knew it was good luck I got given to a girl who looked like she was a 9 year old when she took me to the living room and screamed. I thought that she did not like me or something but when I was opened my she gave me a big hug that I nearly stopped breathing. I knew that this was a  new beginning she loved bed me to bits. but it did not actually seem that she liked me because when she went inside my draw she did not  register me it that all changed when it was muffedday day and she had nothing to wear s she was  digging in my draw for ages until he founded me was bears ding out in excitement that she would pick me and she did I was so happy that got me out of the draw. 

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