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  •—Week 8—•
•—Date 20.6.17—•
•—Science blog—•
 What is force?... force is a push and pull 
movement, like on a playground there are flying foxes well some do anyway and with flying foxes you need to push it to go. If you don't push the flying fox it will not go. For example when a door opens you need to push it and that will make it open. Here is another one when you go to pick an apple or something you need to pull it because if you want to grab need to pull.

 Materials that I used for rocket balloons 

A straw 
Some string 
One balloon 
And a ruler 

Steps to make the rocket balloon 
1: You need to cut the string to how long you want it.

2: Then you need to find a place in the room and get the tape and tape the string to wherever you want it to be and make sure it is tight otherwise it will not go.

3. Once you have found a place in the room you need to blow up the balloon and get the tape and tape the balloon to the string.

4. Then you need to push it right back but remember you need the bottom of the balloon facing the back. 

5. Then you let it go.

My rocket balloon was to the wall to a white board. I was working with Ella M and Brooklyn. We used a white balloon and a blue straw and white string and the balloon size was 25x19cm and the string size was 3cm and the straw size was 15cm


1:  My data was that when we let the balloon on the first time it did not go because when we blew the balloon up we had to hold it very tight otherwise all the air will go out and we would have to blow it up over and over again.

2: We let it go but it stopped in the middle of the string because all the air inside of the balloon was not enough air for it too go all the way to the end so that caused it to stop.

3: It  got stuck again but those time it was so close to the end Brooklyn just pushed it because we really wanted the rocket balloon to work and make it to the end.

5: We got up to the stage when we got to change the size of the balloon, string, straw and we decided to change the balloon size to smaller to see if it will go the whole way as the big balloon.

Week 7 
Date 15.6.17
Science blog pulley 

What I've done today I came to school with my gear because we were doing science we had two choices: pulley or a golf course. I chose the pulley because I had chosen that ages ago. We were supposed to do it yesterday but none of as brought any of the stuff so we had to plan it. 

What I found out: I found out that Margo, Brooklyn, Ella and Aishani(me) we had made a game and it did not go as planned, we had a container that we put 3 nails in and pulled the bucket up to the top of the box. the string was not smooth so we decided to add tape on the stick at the top so it will make it nice and smooth. Vanessa suggested we could connect the pulleys that were on either side of the box and use the weight of one to make the other one go up. They got a tissue box and put heavy stuff in and put light staff in a cup or whatever you want.

What I wonder: I wonder if we use longer string the cup will still make it to the top of the box. Or if we use a bigger box and smaller string.

•—Week 7—•
•—Date 13.6.17—•

•What I've done: I had chosen rocket balloons because last time I did it with Brooklyn it was so bad.

What I found out: We got partners and I had chosen Ella.M and Brooklyn and it was a good choice for me. The first time we did it, it did not go but we found out that the string had to be tight for it to go anywhere so that was what I found out.

What I wonder: I wonder if we use 2 balloons or maybe we could make the balloon small and see if I will go far.

•—Week 6—•
•Date 8.6.17
•—Science blog—•

•What I've done: I got to choose between 3 activities this  week. There was bouncing basketballs, ping pong ramp and chair pulley. I chose to do chair pulley because last time we did this I went to maths so I didn't get to do chair pulley. I made it with Ella.M and Margo we did it in room 12 and it was really fun because we got to learn from the mistakes we made and got to improve on the mistakes 

•What I found out: on our first test to see if the chair pulley worked it did work until he rope came a loose and the whole thing came apart and Margo pulled me towards her. That meant that the chair would fall and that is exactly what it did.

•What I  wonder: I wonder if we used a bigger chair what would that do to the chair pulley.

•—Week 5—•
•—Date 8.6.17—•
•—Science blog—•

What I've done: I had a choice between 3 activities. They  were ping pong ramp bouncing a basketball or chair pulley. I chose ping pong ramp.

What I found out: I found out that the ball can go very fast even if it is on a book.

What I wonder: I wonder if we could use a different type of ball I wonder if it will go the same speed.

Week 4 
What I've done:   This term I did catapults 

What I found out:I found out that to make catapult you need to have stretchy rubber bands so you can pull it right back and also you need to put lots of tape so it won't fall apart.

What I wonder: what if you could make catapults using one piece of wood to make a catapult.

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