Thursday, 6 July 2017

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•—Science blog week 9/10—•

What I am designing: I had three choices I which was to make a car and show how it will move using force and we also had the choice to make a board game and there was also we could make a miniature playground and I chose to make a miniature playground because I thought I can be creative and make cool stuff.

What is Working well what is working well for me is the sewing and the slide because at first when Hailee and I first started to make the miniature play ground we had no idea what we were going to start making. We decided to make the sewing because we thought we could start on something easy. The slide wasn’t working out because   we made a slide using popsicle sticks and it broke in like 10sec so we made another one using a toilet role and it worked really well.

My struggles were the glue sticks and gluing stuff on because people kept asking me and Heilee if they can use my glue stick and I kept saying no but they kept on asking. When I glued the stuff on the the miniature playground it was so messy and hot.

What are my improvements my improvements are that I chose to work with someone I have not worked with yet because I normally work with  Margo or Ella so I decided to work with someone I have never worked with and it was a good choice.

My next step my next step is to improve on the platform and to Make the miniature playground more colour in it because it looks very dark.

I am working with: Heilee
We are working in the art area 

What we are bringing 
popsicle sticks Heilee 
straws/bendy straws Heilee 
glue sticks Aishani 
cardboard Heilee 
string Aishani 
skewer Heilee
pins Aishani 
pipe cleaners Heilee 

What will it look like: Our playground will have a see saw,swing,slide,Mary go round and a climbing wall


Stick the straw to the cardboard on an L  shape on four corners.
Use the pipe cleaner as a connector for the four straws
Trim a piece of the straw as the top bar and connect with pipe cleaner
Add a larger straw to the top bar and attach some string to it as the chain
Add a piece of cardboard to the string as the seat
See saw:
Do steps one to three of the swing
Add the larger straw to the top bar
Cut a long strip of cardboard for the seats
Glue pieces of popsicle sticks together 
Add popsicle sticks to the side 
Mary go round
Cut a circle piece of cardboard 
Pin it to the base
Cut a long piece of straw and attach it to the pin
Cut L  shapes and connect it to the platform 
Monkey bar:
Cut four pieces of straws and attach them in a square position
Add the side bars with pieces of straw 
Cut short pieces of straw to the side bars 
Balance beam:
Get a popsicle stick and glue it from one point to another 
Climbing wall
Cut a square piece of cardboard 
Cut small pieces of paper 
Stick it to the cardboar

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