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•—Art blog—•
•—Week 9—•
•—Date 29.9.17—•
On week 9 we went out to take a photo of what captures the heart of Waimairi School. At first I had no idea what I was going to take photo of. I took a photo of the whiteboard with all the  ideas so when I took a really good look at the photo and then I had a idea. I was going to take a photo of Ella, Margo and I picking up rubbish because that's what I think is capturing the heart of Waimairi School, because we are helping Darren and Jim.

•—Art blog—•
•—Week 10—•
Going on my first school trip

I woke up with excitement it was my first school trip I ran  into the living room and checked the time to make sure that it was not to early to get ready for school I run back into my bedroom and jumped into my clothes like a kangaroo and headed out to the kitchen to make me some toast after I had made some toast I

 headed to my mums and dad’s room to get them up I finally got up my mum and she went to go have a shower because did I Mention that she was parent help? Any way she went to go get ready when I tried to get my dad up. Boy I had to give up maybe after 2 or 3 minutes. After all that giving up and stuff we were all ready to go yippee!!

I sprinted to my bag and just about fell over because I was so excited to go on my very first school trip and the best part was that my best friends Margo and Maddy were in my group yay.

When mum and I got to school I ran  as fast as I could to get to room 6 to see my friends. As soon as I saw the classroom Margo’s head popped out of the class and hugged me so tight then Maddy’s head popped out and joined in the big and tight hug. The hug went for like ever then the bell rung and we all screamed it was so funny.

 We walked to the classroom together then I had to put my bag up and sit down on the mat then we got a name tag and hoped on the bus when we arrived I was bursting out with excitement like a rocket ship we walked into our groups into a house with lots of clothes I was like what then a lady said we are putting the clothes on.

The girl’s had to put on a dress and a nice looking hat but the boys had to wear a suit 

it was so funny then we went over to a baking house I was like what why are we going there when we went in there I was like wow and guess what we got to make cookies 

After that we went to school I know I know that sounds bonkers but it was olden days school. The thing I really like about school now because if we talked when the teacher is talking or if we do something bad we don't have to get whacked with a ruler or a stick.

 When school finished we went to a Fire Station it was soooo amazeballs and that's my speech about my very first school trip I hope you enjoy it.

•—Art blog —•
•—Week 9—•
•—Date 19.9.71—•

Margo Ella and I were walking into room ⅞ we were going to be a fly on the wall, but the teachers think we were just coming to look at the art they were learning about.

•—Art blog—•
•—Week 9—•
•—Date 19.9.17—•
In week 6 we did Calender  art it was so fun. I did a silhouette with a rainbow behind. I also put 3 silhouettes which  represent me .I did a soccer player and a ballerina and a gymnastics girl on the beam.

•—Art blog—•
•—Week 9 —•
•—Date 19.9.71—•
In week 2 we made a album about capturing the heart of Waimairi School- a moment in time where we took photos to represent Waimairi School.

•—Art blog—•
•—Week 8—•
Date 19.9.17

I was in the classroom with my friends and Mrs McCabe and the group. She was telling us what we were going to do for music I was really confused on how we were going to make music then Mrs McCabe said we had to get into a group of 5 and look around the class and find some musical instruments and make a band. When we all left I found a group like that it was not very hard to find one. In my group there was Ella.M, Ella.F, Jessica, Megan and me. So when we got together we went to find some instruments I went and got one of a book holders and a whiteboard marker and scraped it on the book holder when we all got our instruments we went outside to practice then it was time to show it to the class. We walked into the classroom and asked the teacher if we could go last but she said “Sorry no someone else is going last but your group can go 2 to last.” We said “yes” when it got up to us I was so scared I sat down a starred of  the band. Then we had finished.

•—Art blog—•
•—Week 9—•

Ella and Ella and I were walking around the school with our groups we were looking for a place to dance for our arts we finally found a place which was the library. When the whole group was in the library sitting down on the ground Kiri said we were going to listen to some music and then Kiri will tell us what to do and then we had to make a movement up and dance to the music while doing that move. After we had had a warm up we had to make up moves by putting away the dishes and washing the car and mowing the lawn. Once we had done that we were buddied up with a boy and show each other our moves then we had to decide which moves we were going to use and showed the group. After we had showed our dances we all put back all the furniture in the right place and then we set off back to the classroom.

•—Art blog—•
•—Week 1—•
•—Date 18.9.17—•
My adventure at Margaret Mahy park.

Have you ever been at Margaret Mahy park or have you ever been in the their toilets? Well if you haven't I am going to tell you now but if you have been there  please don't stop reading just because I am going to tell you about Margaret Mahy park. I am also going to tell you how there is force in it. So moving on to the fun part of this story. So if you haven't been there there is a big and wide slide and the force in that is push because push,pull, gravity,movement and acceleration are all forces. See you learnt something! I told you I was going to tell you some forces so the science in the big and wide slide is that when you go down the slide you use push to push down the slide and there is also a big triangle with ropes on the side of it and you need climb up to the top. The force in the is you need to pull yourself up to the top so that's all the time I have I hope you learnt some science.

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