Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Hide and seek

Hide and seek
98...99….100 here I come says Zali. Arya,Lila,Nikhil,Margo and I were running around like lunatics Zali was running around the corner my heart was beating fast like a tiger. I was swirling around and around looking for a place to hide you are probably thinking  why I have not found a place to hide yet. Well every hiding spot I ran to someone had taken it. So back to spinning around and around. I was getting scared. I was going to get caught. Zali was getting closer and closer and closer and then BAM!!!! I jumped into a bush and  looked around to find Margo strangely looking at me. I looked at her with a red face and a weakly smiled. She looked at me then ran away then looked at me then away she left like a lightning bolt and sprinted out of the bush. I sat there all alone no one with me. I looked out of the bushes to see if Zali was coming my way and she was. I popped my head in just in time and Zali ran straight past the bush I was like yaa. Oops that was too loud. I heard footsteps backing up near the bush I was freaking out I was sweating like a fluffy bear on a hot sunny day. I looked  for something to hide me but nothing was there I was prepared to get found but Zali went past my bush and went to the bush next to me and all I heard was found you found found you and found you! I was like oh no. I popped my  head out of the bush and saw Lila, Arya and Nikhil all walking with Zali. I sprinted out of the bush and hid behind the washing and Margo was there after a while of silence we started to talk and laugh and talk some more and then hear Zali and the others come. We closed our mouths and looked to see where they were, well I didn't Margo did and she got found and then I did and I was like nooooooooooo why me! Zali and the others looked at me and then the game was over.

By Aishani Bhatnagar

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